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(C),97 iLya

On this page collected all interesting on my glance of program, at a different time developped by me.

Author's programs which possible copy and use gratis:

"Megapolis NN 0.8" (Dos) Vector map of Nizhny Novgorod, joint development with Elis Semenov (245К).

"NumGrid 1.2" - Object for Delphi, intended for making the numeric tables (8К).

"LN 1.11" (Dos box Win95) Utility for the conservation - reconstruction in the file of long names Win'95, before making an archive for instance, suitable to use together with Dos Navigator, which together with LN possible adjust so that will be seen long name (9К).

"Hide it" (Win3.1;Win95) Utility for starting the programs under Windows, so their was not seen. Simply indicate a start program as a parameter (5К).

"Trumpet Winsock Hack" (Dos) Program for opening a password from Trumpet Winsock, employee for the access in Internet (5К).

"Free Clock 0.21" (HTML) Applet in the manner of going hours for the embellishment of home pages (7К).

. *** Beg Pardon for my bad english.

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All offers and remarks on the cause of programs will be with thanks accepted. On all letters I without fall write answer.
My address 1- ilya@nn.ru
My address 2- ilya000@usa.net
Address in FidoNet - 2:5015/51.11

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